Increased vaginal pH in Ugandan women: what does it indicate?

  title={Increased vaginal pH in Ugandan women: what does it indicate?},
  author={Gilbert G G Donders and Anastasio Gonzaga and Camila Marconi and Francesca Donders and Thirsa Michiels and Natalie Eggermont and Gert Bellen and John Chrysestom Lule and Jacobat Byamughisa},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases},
Abnormal vaginal flora (AVF), indicative of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and/or aerobic vaginitis (AV), amongst other abnormalities, is a risk factor for multiple complications in pregnant as well as non-pregnant women. Screening for such conditions could help prevent these complications. Can self-testing for increased vaginal pH reliably detect BV and other high-risk microflora types, and is this more accurate than performing Gram stain-based Nugent score when screening for high-risk microflora? A… CONTINUE READING
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