Increased small intestinal apoptosis in coeliac disease.

  title={Increased small intestinal apoptosis in coeliac disease.},
  author={Steven F. Moss and Leila Attia and John V. Scholes and Julian R. F. Walters and Peter R. Holt},
  volume={39 6},
BACKGROUND Coeliac disease (CD) mucosa is flattened despite epithelial hyperproliferation. AIMS To establish mechanisms of cell loss in CD. PATIENTS 14 controls, 17 active CD patients, and 16 maintained with gluten free diet. METHODS Programmed cell death was examined in small intestinal biopsy specimens by staining fragmented DNA using terminal uridine deoxynucleotidyl nick end labelling (TUNEL), in comparison with haematoxylin and eosin stained adjacent sections. Double staining with… CONTINUE READING


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