Increased plasma homocysteine after menopause.

  title={Increased plasma homocysteine after menopause.},
  author={A Elisabeth Hak and Kees H. Polderman and Iris C D Westendorp and Cornelis Jakobs and Albert Hofman and Jacqueline C. M. Witteman and Coen D A Stehouwer},
  volume={149 1},
Besides genetic defects in the enzymes involved in homocysteine metabolism and nutritional deficiencies in vitamin cofactors, sex steroid hormones may modulate plasma homocysteine levels. The post-menopausal state has been found to be associated with higher plasma homocysteine levels, but data are inconsistent and studies published so far did not adjust for age, which is an important confounding factor in studying the effect of menopause. In the present study total plasma homocysteine levels… CONTINUE READING