Increased lipid peroxidation in Down's syndrome mouse models.

  title={Increased lipid peroxidation in Down's syndrome mouse models.},
  author={Keiichi Ishihara and Kenji Amano and Eiichi Takaki and Abdul Shukkur Ebrahim and Atsushi Shimohata and Noriko Shibazaki and Ikuyo Inoue and Mayuko Takaki and Yuto Ueda and Haruhiko Sago and Charles J. Epstein and Kazuhiro Yamakawa},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={110 6},
Elevated oxidative stress has been suggested to be associated with the features of Down's syndrome (DS). We previously reported increased oxidative stress in cultured cells from the embryonic brain of Ts1Cje, a mouse genetic DS model. However, since in vivo evidence for increased oxidative stress is lacking, we here examined lipid peroxidation, a typical marker of oxidative stress, in the brains of Ts1Cje and another DS mouse model Ts2Cje with an overlapping but larger trisomic segment… CONTINUE READING