Increased intracellular calpain detection in experimental focal cerebral ischemia.


Calpains are intracellular proteinases whose proteolytic activity is directed mainly against the cytoskeleton and regulatory proteins. We studied the presence of calpain by immunohistochemistry in a rat model of reversible focal cerebral ischemia (3 h) at various times of reperfusion. The numbers of calpain-positive cells on the ischemic side were compared with the non-ischemic side. In controls only 2 +/- 1% cells were positive, whereas the cortex of the ischemic vs the non-ischemic side showed 88 +/- 3% vs 13 +/- 4% calpain-positive cells (p < 0.001), and the basal ganglia 47 +/- 3% vs 13 +/- 4% (p < 0.01) after 3 h ischemia and 24 h reperfusion. This is the first demonstration of elevated intracellular levels of calpains in areas of cerebral ischemia. Longer reperfusion resulted in an increase in calpain positivity.


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