Increased intima-media thickness after early-onset preeclampsia.

  title={Increased intima-media thickness after early-onset preeclampsia.},
  author={Judith Blaauw and Mari{\"e}lle G van Pampus and Jasper J. van Doormaal and M. Rebecca Fokkema and V{\'a}clav Fidler and Andries J. Smit and J. G. Aarnoudse},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={107 6},
OBJECTIVE Preeclampsia is associated with cardiovascular atherosclerotic events later in life. However, little is known about earlier subclinical signs of atherosclerosis. We aimed to investigate whether women who recently had preeclampsia show increased intima-media thickness (IMT), as marker of early atherosclerosis, compared with women with normal pregnancies or nulliparous women. METHODS Intima-media thickness of carotid and femoral arteries measured by ultrasonography, and possible… CONTINUE READING
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