Increased interference fringe visibility from the post-fabrication heat treatment of a perfect crystal silicon neutron interferometer.

  title={Increased interference fringe visibility from the post-fabrication heat treatment of a perfect crystal silicon neutron interferometer.},
  author={Benjamin Heacock and Muhammad Arif and David G. Cory and T Gnaeupel-Herold and Robert W. Haun and Michael G. Huber and Michelle E. Jamer and J. Nsofini and Dmitry A. Pushin and Dusan Sarenac and Ivar A. J. Taminiau and A. R. Young},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
  volume={89 2},
We find that annealing a previously chemically etched interferometer at 800 °C dramatically increased the interference fringe visibility from 23% to 90%. The Bragg plane misalignments were also measured before and after annealing using neutron rocking curves, showing that Bragg plane alignment was improved across the interferometer after annealing. This suggests that current interferometers with low fringe visibility may be salvageable and that annealing may become an important step in the… 

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