Increased adipose tissue expression of Grb14 in several models of insulin resistance

  title={Increased adipose tissue expression of Grb14 in several models of insulin resistance},
  author={B. Cariou and N. Capitaine and V{\'e}ronique Le Marcis and N. Vega and V. B{\'e}r{\'e}ziat and M. Kergoat and M. Laville and J. Girard and H. Vidal and Anne-Françoise Burnol},
  journal={The FASEB Journal},
  • B. Cariou, N. Capitaine, +7 authors Anne-Françoise Burnol
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The FASEB Journal
  • Grb14 is an effector of insulin signaling, which directly inhibits insulin receptor catalytic activity in vitro. Here, we investigated whether the expression of Grb14 and its binding partner ZIP (PKC zeta interacting protein) is regulated during insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic rodents and humans. Grb14 expression was increased in adipose tissue of both ob/ob mice and Goto‐Kakizaki (GK) rats, whereas there was no difference in liver. An increase was also observed in subcutaneous adipose… CONTINUE READING
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