Increased Rubisco content in transgenic rice transformed with the 'sense' rbcS gene.

  title={Increased Rubisco content in transgenic rice transformed with the 'sense' rbcS gene.},
  author={Yuji Suzuki and Maki Ohkubo and Hanako Hatakeyama and Keiko Ohashi and Ryuichi Yoshizawa and Soichi Kojima and Toshihiko Hayakawa and Tomoyuki Yamaya and Tadahiko Mae and Amane Makino},
  journal={Plant & cell physiology},
  volume={48 4},
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants with substantially increased Rubisco content were obtained by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation with the rice rbcS sense gene under the control of the rice rbcS promoter. The primary transformants were screened for the ratio of Rubisco to leaf-N content, and the transformants with >120% wild-type levels of Rubisco were selected. In the progeny of the selected lines of the transformants, the mRNA levels of one member of the rbcS gene family were increased from 3… CONTINUE READING

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