Increased Interfacial Strength of Transplanted Cartilage in Vivo following Enzymatictreatment of Wound Edges

  • van de Breevaart
  • Published 2002


0 1 2 3 Displacement (mm) L oa d (N ) INCREASED INTERFACIAL STRENGTH OF TRANSPLANTED CARTILAGE IN VIVO FOLLOWING ENZYMATIC TREATMENT OF WOUND EDGES *van de Breevaart Bravenboer, J; **In der Maur, CD; *Bos, PK; **van Rensen IH; *Weinans, H; **Feenstra, L; *Verhaar, JAN; +*/**van Osch, GJVM +*Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, Erasmus Medical Center, PO Box… (More)


2 Figures and Tables

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