Increase in frequency of nuclear power outages due to changing climate

  title={Increase in frequency of nuclear power outages due to changing climate},
  author={Ali Ahmad},
  journal={Nature Energy},
  • Ali Ahmad
  • Published 1 July 2021
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature Energy
Climate-related changes have already affected operating conditions for different types of energy system, in particular power plants. With more than three decades of data on changing climate, we are now in a position to empirically assess the impact of climate change on power plant operations. Such empirical assessments can provide an additional measure of the resilience of power plants going forward. Here I analyse climate-linked outages in nuclear power plants over the past three decades. My… 
US nuclear power: Status, prospects, and climate implications
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  • Environmental Science
    The Electricity Journal
  • 2022
Climate disruptions are already here
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  • Environmental Science, Engineering
    Nature Energy
  • 2021
Climate change impacts the production of electricity including power generated from nuclear facilities. New research published in Nature Energy reports an increase in climate-related outages over the
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