Increase in colonic methanogens and total anaerobes in aging rats.

  title={Increase in colonic methanogens and total anaerobes in aging rats.},
  author={A E Maczulak and Meyer J. Wolin and Terry L. Miller},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={55 10},
Methanogens are present in the colons of our local Wistar rat colony. We studied the changes in concentrations of their fecal methanogenic and nonmethanogenic bacteria with age as a model of the development of these communities in humans. We found that the predominant methanogen in the rats is a Methanobrevibacter species. The log of the concentration of total anaerobes increased from 9.8/g (dry weight) at 3.0 weeks of age (shortly after weaning) to 10.7/g (dry weight) at 96 weeks (shortly… CONTINUE READING
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