Incorporation of microplastics from litter into burrows of Lumbricus terrestris.


Pollution caused by plastic debris is an urgent environmental problem. Here, we assessed the effects of microplastics in the soil surface litter on the formation and characterization of burrows built by the anecic earthworm Lumbricus terrestris in soil and quantified the amount of microplastics that was transported and deposited in L. terrestris burrows… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2016.09.096


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@article{Lwanga2017IncorporationOM, title={Incorporation of microplastics from litter into burrows of Lumbricus terrestris.}, author={Esperanza Huerta Lwanga and Hennie Gertsen and Harm P.A. Gooren and Piet W. M. Peters and Tam{\'a}s Sal{\'a}nki and Martine van der Ploeg and Ellen Besseling and Albert A Koelmans and Violette Geissen}, journal={Environmental pollution}, year={2017}, volume={220 Pt A}, pages={523-531} }