Incorporating retransmission diversity in quality-of-service guaranteed multi-user scheduling


A cross-layer optimization combining retransmission diversity with multi-user diversity is investigated for wireless communications. To this end, a joint design of adaptive modulation and coding with retransmission-based automatic repeat request protocol is first outlined. This design is then employed to devise multi-user scheduling schemes which can optimally capture the available multiuser and retransmission diversities. In addition, the proposed on-line scheduling algorithms can operate even when the underlying fading channel distribution is unknown a priori, while asymptotically converging to the offline benchmark with guarantees on prescribed fairness and rate requirements. Numerical results are provided to verify the merits of our novel schemes for multi-user transmissions over Nakagami block fading channels.

DOI: 10.1109/CISS.2008.4558609

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@article{Wang2008IncorporatingRD, title={Incorporating retransmission diversity in quality-of-service guaranteed multi-user scheduling}, author={Xin Wang and Di Wang and Irena Li and Hanqi Zhuang and Salvatore D. Morgera}, journal={2008 42nd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems}, year={2008}, pages={681-685} }