Incorporating Vector Space Similarity in Random Walk Inference over Knowledge Bases


Much work in recent years has gone into the construction of large knowledge bases (KBs), such as Freebase, DBPedia, NELL, and YAGO. While these KBs are very large, they are still very incomplete, necessitating the use of inference to fill in gaps. Prior work has shown how to make use of a large text corpus to augment random walk inference over KBs. We present two improvements to the use of such large corpora to augment KB inference. First, we present a new technique for combining KB relations and surface text into a single graph representation that is much more compact than graphs used in prior work. Second, we describe how to incorporate vector space similarity into random walk inference over KBs, reducing the feature sparsity inherent in using surface text. This allows us to combine distributional similarity with symbolic logical inference in novel and effective ways. With experiments on many relations from two separate KBs, we show that our methods significantly outperform prior work on KB inference, both in the size of problem our methods can handle and in the quality of predictions made.

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