Income distribution in rural Sagar.


"The study makes an attempt to identify the pattern of household income distribution in rural areas, based on the socio-economic surveys in Sagar district [in India]." Factors affecting family income include "occupational structure, distance from nearby urban centers and general accessibility.... The rural settlements under urban influence or with proper accessibility have a greater percentage of high-income families. The major source of income for over a third of the rural families of the district is agricultural labour, while another third earns its living by other agricultural work and the rest are either petty businessmen or are engaged in services."

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@article{Bohare1992IncomeDI, title={Income distribution in rural Sagar.}, author={R Bohare and Deepti S. Shrivastava}, journal={Population geography : a journal of the Association of Population Geographers of India}, year={1992}, volume={14 1-2}, pages={53-6} }