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Inclusive and semi-inclusive production of spin-3/2 hadrons in $e^+e^-$ annihilation

  title={Inclusive and semi-inclusive production of spin-3/2 hadrons in \$e^+e^-\$ annihilation},
  author={Jing Zhao and Zhe Zhang and Zuo-tang Liang and Tianbo Liu and Ya-jin Zhou},
We investigate the inclusive and semi-inclusive productions of spin-3/2 hadrons, such as Ω, in unpolarized e + e − annihilation. The general differential cross sections are expressed in terms of structure functions in accordance to the polarization of the hadron and the azimuthal modulations. We derive a complete definition of quark transverse momentum dependent (TMD) fragmentation functions (FFs) to spin-3/2 hadrons for the first time from the decomposition of the quark-quark correlation matrix… 

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