Inclusive Scattering from Nuclei at x > 1 in the quasielastic and deeply inelastic regimes

  title={Inclusive Scattering from Nuclei at x > 1 in the quasielastic and deeply inelastic regimes},
  author={Jeffrey Arrington and Donald F. Geesaman and K. Hafidi and Robert Douglas Holt and David. H. Potterveld and Paul Reimer and Patrizia Solvignon and Robb Lindgren and Bengt-erik Norum and Oscar A. Rondon and Keith Slifer and Christopher Smith and Setsuko Tajima and Kai Wang and Mi. E. Christy and Cinthia Keppel and Liangguang Tang and V. Tvaskis and Gheorghe Niculescu and Ionut-Mihai Niculescu and Peter E. Bosted and Ra{\'u}l Carlini and Howard Fenker and David Gaskell and Theresa Horn and Martin K. Jones and A. F. Lung and DR. James P. Mack and Darryl Meekins and Jhonattan de la Roche and Graeme Smith and Simon Wood and W. F. Vulcan and Caresse Yan and Juliette Jourdan and B. Krusche and Giuseppina Testa and Roman Trojer and V. R. Tadevosyan},
E12-06-105 was approved to make measurements of inclusive scattering from nuclei at x > 1. There are two separate motivations for these measurements, corresponding to two different kinematic regions. Data at moderate Q but very large x (x > 1.3 -1.5) are dominated by quasielastic scattering from extremely high momentum nucleons, and is sensitive to the high-momentum tail of the nucleon distribution in nuclei. The distribution of high momentum nucleons is related to the short range structure and… CONTINUE READING

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