Inclusion of spleen in pediatric multivisceral transplantation.

  title={Inclusion of spleen in pediatric multivisceral transplantation.},
  author={Tomoaki Kato and Gary Kleiner and Andr{\'e} Ibrahim David and Gennaro Selvaggi and Seigo Nishida and Juan R. Madariaga and John F Thompson and Patricia Bolivar Ruiz and Andreas Tzakis},
  journal={Transplantation proceedings},
  volume={38 6},
Inclusion of the donor spleen may be beneficial for small children who receive multivisceral transplantation (MVT) because asplenia is associated with increased risk of bacterial sepsis. Beginning in 2003, the spleen was transplanted together with multivisceral transplantation in 17 children under daclizumab induction (spleen group). The results were compared to 23 children who received multivisceral transplantation without the spleen (control group) with the same immunosuppression regimen… CONTINUE READING