• Chemistry
  • Published 2013

Inclusão de colesterol na membrana plasmática de espermatozoides caprinos

  title={Inclus{\~a}o de colesterol na membrana plasm{\'a}tica de espermatozoides caprinos},
  author={Camila Oliveira da Silveira},
The objective of this research was to qualify and quantify the concentration of cholesterol in citoplasmatic membranes of goat sperm by the technique of thin layer and gas chromatography, respectively, after the addition of cyclodextrin-cholesterol complex (CCC 1mg). Four bucks, Saanen (2) and Parda Alpine (2) were used. Three semen collections per animal, was diluted in the following treatments: TG – Tris- glycerol; TGCCC – CCC + Tris-glycerol; TG15CCC – CCC diluted in isosmotic solution to… CONTINUE READING


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