[Incidental thyroid carcinoma found during surgery for laryngeal carcinoma: a case report].


At the histopathologic examination of neck dissection specimens of the patients who underwent surgical treatment with the diagnosis of laryngeal cancer, thyroid cancer metastases may also be detected in addition to laryngeal cancer metastases. Were retrospectively reviewed the files of 74 patients who were diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and underwent total or partial laryngectomy and neck dissection in our clinic between January 2008 and July 2010. Thyroid papillary carcinoma was found in neck dissection specimen of two patients who underwent partial laryngectomy and neck dissection. Total thyroidectomy was performed to complete the treatment. No recurrence or metastasis was found during the postoperative follow-up for an average of 9.5 months (range 5 to 14 months). Although it is a rare condition, the possibility of coexisting thyroid carcinoma in laryngeal cancer patients and the possible need for completion surgery when required should always be kept in mind.

DOI: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.029

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