Incidental discovery of acoustic neuromas.

  title={Incidental discovery of acoustic neuromas.},
  author={Samuel H Selesnick and M Deora and Michelle Drotman and Linda A. Heier},
  journal={Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery},
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Our objective is to report 4 cases of incidentally discovered acoustic neuromas (ANs) and to determine the incidence of asymptomatic ANs. A prospective study of 161 consecutive patients undergoing gadolinium-enhanced MRI (Gd-MRI) at a tertiary-care university-affiliated medical center was carried out from September 1994 to April 1995. The Gd-MRI scans were performed for tentative diagnoses other than AN or sensorineural hearing loss. In 161 consecutive patients examined, no ANs were found… CONTINUE READING