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Incidencia de macrodactylus nigripes bates (coleoptera: melolonthidae)en maíz y haba en tlaxcala,México

  title={Incidencia de macrodactylus nigripes bates (coleoptera: melolonthidae)en ma{\'i}z y haba en tlaxcala,M{\'e}xico},
  author={Sandra Casel{\'i}n Castro and Jos{\'e} Luis Gonz{\'a}lez S{\'a}nchez and Celina Llanderal C{\'a}zares and Hiram Bravo Mojica},
Resumen es: En el Estado Tlaxcala, el frailecillo Macrodactylus nigripes Bates causa importantes perdidas en los cultivos de maiz (Zea mays L.) y haba (Vicia faba ... 
Biologia reprodutiva de Acacia mearnsii de wild. (Fabaceae) IV: visitantes florais
To identify flower visitors to a commercial plantation of Acacia mearnsii De Wild and quantify the polyads attached to the body surface of the insects, beetles of the species Macrodactylus suturalis were considered dispersers of black wattle pollen.
Comparative Study of Distribution of Antennal Chemoreceptors of Macrodactylus1 of Mexico
The purpose of this study was to compare the sensilla distribution in the antennae of the beetles as a first step to better understand the dynamics of sexual chemical communication in Macrodactylus species.