Incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury worldwide: a systematic review

  title={Incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury worldwide: a systematic review},
  author={Seyed Behzad Jazayeri and Sara Beygi and Farhad Shokraneh and E M Hagen and Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar},
  journal={European Spine Journal},
Traumatic spinal cord injuries (TSCI) are among the most devastating conditions in developed and developing countries, which can be prevented. The situation of TSCI around the world is not well understood which complicates the preventive policy decision making in fight against TSCI. This study was aimed to gather the available information about incidence of TSCI around the world. A systematic search strategy was designed and run in Medline and EMBASE, along with extensive grey literature search… CONTINUE READING


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