Incidence of note‐leaving remains constant despite increasing suicide rates

  title={Incidence of note‐leaving remains constant despite increasing suicide rates},
  author={Toshiki Shioiri and Akiyoshi Nishimura and Kohei Akazawa and Ryo Abe and Hideyuki Nushida and Yasuhiro Ueno and Maki Kojika-Maruyama and Toshiyuki Someya},
  journal={Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences},
Abstract  Suicide notes (SN) are potentially valuable sources of information about the psychological states of the suicidal person. It was hypothesized that there was a significant relation between suicide rate and note‐leaving rate and that the incidence of note‐leaving was increased during prolonged economic recession. During 21 years (1981–2001) in Kobe, of a total of 18 558 violent deaths, 5161 were due to suicide (27.8%), with 3417 male cases (66.2%) and 1754 female cases (33.8%). For each… 

Differences in characteristics between suicide victims who left notes or not.

Suicide Notes in Hong Kong in 2000

Present data suggest that reasons for leaving suicide notes may have changed over the 8 years from 1992 to 2000, and this assumption that this phenomenon remains static over time is examined.

A study of the Irish system of recording suicide deaths.

There is a need for a better understanding of national suicide recording systems, as this study has provided for Ireland, which may routinely provide data relating to sociodemographic factors but not relating to medical and psychosocial factors.


Suicide note is an important piece of evidence showing psyche of the patient and due importance should be given at the site of crime for recovery of suicide note.

Who leaves suicide notes? A six-year population-based study.

Demographics and circumstances did not differ for cases with a note compared to cases with no note, and it is also possible that for some individuals, the content of a note is meaningful and can help or hinder their course of bereavement.

Differences between suicide victims who leave notes and those who do not: a 2-year study in Greece.

There are indeed differences between suicide victims who leave a note and those who do not, and some explanations for these differences are suggested, which could represent a valuable starting point for future research on this topic.

Last Words: Are There Differences in Psychosocial and Clinical Antecedents Among Suicide Decedents Who Leave E-Notes, Paper Notes, or No Note?

Comparisons of psychosocial and clinical antecedents of suicide decedents who left E-notes with those who left paper notes or no notes indicate that the likelihood of leaving a suicide note was negative associated with age, positively associated with presence of a mental disorder, and negatively associated with history of hospital admissions.

Suicide in Northern Ireland: An Analysis of Gender Differences in Demographic, Psychological, and Contextual Factors.

The results provide the first profile of deaths by suicide in Northern Ireland and highlight the need to target people who have difficult life experiences in suicide prevention work, notably men, people with employment, financial and relationship crises, and those with mental disorders.

Suicide Letters in Singapore

  • B. ChiaAudrey ChiaB. Tai
  • Psychology
    Archives of suicide research : official journal of the International Academy for Suicide Research
  • 2008
The study of Singaporean suicides occurring between 2000 and 2004 suggests that there are combinations of social, psychological and physical factors that influence a person to suicide, all of which are important in the prevention, assessment, and management of suicide.

Who Leaves Suicide Notes? An Exploration of Victim Characteristics and Suicide Method of Completed Suicides in Queensland

The overall results suggest that, and in support of previous research, the population who leaves suicide notes are remarkably similar to those who do not, and lend support to research which finds that those with a diagnosed mental illness are less likely to leave notes.



Suicide notes: what do they tell us?

Suicide notes may serve some explanatory purpose and may have a therapeutic role in helping the surviving relatives to understand the suicide, and a knowledge of the messages contained within suicide notes could be useful for suicide prevention programmes.

Suicides in Japan reach a record high

  • J. Lamar
  • Psychology
    BMJ : British Medical Journal
  • 2000
A record number of people committed suicide in Japan last year, largely as result of the nation's prolonged economic slump, government statistics revealed last month. The National Police Agency said

Do suicides who write notes differ from those who do not? A study of suicides in West Berlin

People who completed suicide in West Berlin and left suicide notes were found to differ in sex, age, method used for suicide and the reason for suicide, compared with those not leaving notes. These

Suicide notes in Monroe County: a 23 year look (1950-1972).

A large number of recent studies in the psychiatric literature deal with descriptive variables, including both the sociological and psychological factors operating at the time of the suicide.

Suicide Notes

Detailed case reports of incidents of suicide and attempted suicide on the London Underground railway system between 1985 and 1989 were examined for the presence of suicide notes, and notes provided little insight into the causes of suicide as subjectively perceived, or strategies for suicide prevention.