Incidence of neurapraxia in digital nerve injuries.

  title={Incidence of neurapraxia in digital nerve injuries.},
  author={Adnan M Siddiqui and Charles I Benjamin and Warren Schubert},
  journal={Journal of reconstructive microsurgery},
  volume={16 2},
  pages={95-8; discussion 98-9}
Hand surgeons presented with a hand or finger laceration and an abnormal static two-point discrimination (> or =10 mm) must determine which patients require surgical exploration. There appears to be a paucity of data in the literature defining the incidence and nature of neurapraxia in this setting. A study was conducted in a busy urban practice to better understand this problem. To determine the incidence of intact nerves (i.e., neurapraxia) in digital nerve injury patients, the authors… CONTINUE READING