Incidence of mylohyoid bridging in 13th century Byzantine mandibles.

  title={Incidence of mylohyoid bridging in 13th century Byzantine mandibles.},
  author={Senem Turan-Ozdemir and Erdogan Sendemir},
  journal={Anatomical science international},
  volume={81 2},
Mylohyoid bridging on the mandible is a hyperostotic variation considered as one of the cranial non-metric characteristics. Most researchers have indicated that such non-quantitative traits can be used for the investigation of population history and these traits show differences according to societies. In the present study, we investigated the incidence of mylohyoid groove bridging on 89 half-mandibles (48 right sides, 41 left sides; 39 complete mandibles, nine right and two left half-mandibles… CONTINUE READING