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Incidence of firearm-related deaths and epidemiology in Klangvalley, Malaysia from 2006 To 2016: A retrospective study

  title={Incidence of firearm-related deaths and epidemiology in Klangvalley, Malaysia from 2006 To 2016: A retrospective study},
  author={Rabi’atul Adawiyah and Noor Hazfalinda Hamzah and Sri Pawita Albakri Amir Hamzah and Nur Hamizah Md Udin},
  journal={Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine},
Death due to firearm is more common in countries with higher gun ownership such as United States of America compared to countries with restrictive gun ownership such as European countries and Malaysia. However, the increasing number of shooting cases in Malaysia recently should not be overlooked. This study was carried out to investigate the incidence of firearm-related deaths and epidemiology in Klang Valley for 11-year period. The demographic data on the incidence of firearm-related deaths… 

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