Incidence of epithelial dysplasia after partial gastric resection.

  title={Incidence of epithelial dysplasia after partial gastric resection.},
  author={Franz Borchard and A Mittelstaedt and R Kieker},
  journal={Pathology, research and practice},
  volume={164 3},
Because of the higher risk of cancer in the gastric stump, an increased incidence of pre-cancerous conditions should be exspected also in the resected stomach. Therefore, a combined endoscopic and bioptic study was performed in order to investigate the incidence of dysplasias in the gastric stump after resection for benign conditions. Among 101 patients with gastric resection, 2 cases were excluded from this study because of preceeding gastric cancer and one because of cancer of the gastric… CONTINUE READING