Incidence of ceftriaxone-associated gallbladder pseudolithiasis.

  title={Incidence of ceftriaxone-associated gallbladder pseudolithiasis.},
  author={Foteini Papadopoulou and S. G. Efremidis and Stavroula Karyda and Maria Badouraki and Ekaterina Karatza and Christos P. Panteliadis and K Malaka},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={88 12},
We prospectively evaluated the incidence of gallbladder pseudolithiasis in children treated with high doses of ceftriaxone for a variety of serious infections. We also monitored the time interval needed for this phenomenon to develop and resolve completely after initiation and cessation of treatment, respectively. Included in this study are 44 children treated with ceftriaxone 100 mg/kg/d divided into 2 equal intravenous doses and followed by serial abdominal sonography. Eleven children… CONTINUE READING

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