Incidence of abortion

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Abortions occurred in 12 counties in 2013. Mecklenburg County had the highest total number of abortions with 7,291 occurring in 2013. 1 The table below indicates the five counties with the most abortions in 2013. 1:6 Ratio of abortions to live births among NC residents4 14.2% of resident pregnancies ended in abortion in 2013. This number has decreased each year since 2010, when 17.3% of reported pregnancies ended in abortion.5 National Statistics 
Frequency of Illegal Abortion among Patients Opting for Induced Abortion
Induced abortion is quite common in Pakistan and a fairly large percentage of women go for illegal abortions, the factors leading to this practice are early marriages with repeated pregnancies which are closely spaced and unwanted.
Abortions followed by contraceptive failures in Northern India: an analysis of contraceptive histories (2009–2014)
The empirical evidence of induced abortions due to contraceptive failure put serious concern regarding unintended pregnancies and hence discourages fertility intentions among the potential couples.
Legal abortion worldwide in 2008: levels and recent trends.
High abortion rates in some countries, and small increases in rates in others, indicate a great need for more effective family planning services for these populations, and suggests reliable data collection systems are lacking in many countries.
Abortion incidence and services in the United States, 1995-1996.
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    Family planning perspectives
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While abortion services in some areas of the country have declined since 1992 and many women continue to have limited access to providers, other factors have probably had more influence on the level of abortions performed.
Second-trimester abortions and sex-selection of children in Hanoi, Vietnam
Results indicate that women with more children, particularly those with more daughters or without a son, were more likely to undergo a second-term abortion than a first-trimester abortion.
"I thought i was protected" Abortion, contraceptive uptake and use among young women: a quantitative survey
A mixed method study to investigate different aspects of young women's experiences of one or more unintended pregnancy ending in abortion draws on the survey results to identify ways in which local sexual health strategies and services can support young women after abortion, helping them to improve their reproductive control and avoid further unintended pregnancies.
Post Abortion Care Services in Nigeria
When most women in developing countries miscarry or suffer potentially life-threatening complications from unsafe abortion, they rarely have access to prompt treatment, and it is outrageously high in Africa with figures as high as one in 7 in Ethiopia, with more than half of those deaths attributable to unsafe abortion.
Unsafe abortion.
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Unintended pregnancy and induced abortion in the Philippines: causes and consequences.
Each year in the Philippines hundreds of thousands of women become pregnant without intending to and many women with unintended pregnancies decide to end them by abortion. Because abortion is legal
A 17 year review of voluntary termination of pregnancy (MTP)
Although significant number of women practice contraception, induced abortion is unfortunately used to control family size and for birth spacing and the rate of termination in multiparas has increased over the years.


Induced abortion: a world review 1986 6th ed.
The large majority of the worlds people--in developing as well as developed countries--live in areas where abortion is legal at least for health reasons and the recent trend has been toward further liberalization of laws.
Randomised trial of prophylactic daily aspirin in British male doctors
A six year randomised trial was conducted among 5139 apparently healthy male doctors to see whether 500 mg aspirin daily would reduce the incidence of and mortality from stroke, myocardial
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