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Incidence of Typhoid Fever in Islamabad , Pakistan

  title={Incidence of Typhoid Fever in Islamabad , Pakistan},
  author={Usman Ayub and Aamer Ali Khattak and Afshan Saleem and Farakh Javed and Najm Siddiqui and Nazeer Hussain and Azam Hayat},
Enteric fever like typhoid showed the highest morbidity in Asia with approximately 93 % of global episodes has been contributed by this region. Poor hygiene, poor sanitation and sewerage system, over population are the key contributing factors. The exact typhoid fever epidemiological figure of Islamabad is not present, so keeping in view this reason this study was designed. Fifteen hundred clinical isolates regardless of age and gender were collected from typhoid fever suspects visited Capital… 

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Occurrence of typhoid among the local population of district Dir Lower: A laboratory based study

Typhoid is a common disease in the local population of Dir (Lower), it is dominant in females with the highest burden recorded in the economically-productive age group 20-40 years and there is need to launch effective programmes for the eradication of the disease.

Molecular analysis of immunoglobulins related to salmonella typhi in pediatric patients

The Typhidot test is much helpful for the rapid diagnosis of typhoid fever as compared to Widal test which is still being used in some set ups in poor countries, although has become mostly obsolete.

A review: Typhoid fever

Good surveillance, better diagnostics, more sensible use of antibiotics and efficient vaccine will be significant to reduce the burden of disease caused by S. Typhi.

Enteric Fever in Patients of Lahore: Association of Positive Blood Cultures with the Typhidot Immunoassay Tests and Widal Agglutination

Assessment of existing Salmonella blood culture isolates with Widal agglutinin titers and EIA-based Typhidot immunoassay antibodies as the gold standard suggested incomplete protective coverage, probably with a monovalent vaccine.

Abdominal Ultrasonographic Findings in the Typhoid Fever in Pediatric Patients

Highlights, for example, hepatomegaly, SplenomeGaly, mesentric lymphadenopathy, acalculus cholecystitis and entrail thickening ought to be considered for the analysis of typhoid fever.

Performance of TUBEX® TF in the diagnosis of enteric fever in private tertiary care Hospital Peshawar, Pakistan.

TUBEX® TF with its low sensitivity and positive predictive value was a poor tool for diagnosing enteric fever.


There is no significant difference between oral azithromycin and intravenous ceftriaxone in term of defervescence period for the treatment of enteric fever in children.

Typhoid fever colitis with massive lower gastrointestinal bleeding

A 34year old female, with no known comorbidities, who after recent travel to Pakistan, presented with fever for 1 month and was diagnosed with typhoid fever, develops bleeding per rectum and abdominal pain labeled as right-side colitis.



Typhoid fever in children: some epidemiological considerations from Karachi, Pakistan.

Typhoid and paratyphoid fever

Investigation of a community outbreak of typhoid fever associated with drinking water

This study indicated the possible involvement of well water in outbreaks and contacted the local health authorities and urged them to immediately make arrangements for safe drinking water supply.

The global burden of typhoid fever.

New data and improved understanding of typhoid fever epidemiology enabled us to refine the global typhoid burden estimate, which remains considerable.

Vaccination against typhoid fever: present status.

New live vaccines, given by the oral route in one dose, have been constructed through genetic engineering and the first results are promising, but they must be improved before use in a large-scale study.

Routine use of point-of-care tests: usefulness and application in clinical microbiology.

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The availability of modern technology and new microfluidic devices will provide clinical microbiologists with the opportunity to be back at the bedside, proposing a large variety of POC tests that will allow quicker diagnosis and improved patient care.

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