[Incidence and distribution of multiple sclerosis in Halle District].


An epidemiological study of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the district of Halle, Halle-Neustadt and the area near the river Saale was carried out. We found 178 patients with a definite diagnosis in a total population of 396,529, corresponding to a prevalence of 44.9/100,000. The annual incidence rate was 2/100,000. When probable but not definitely diagnosed cases are included in the count, the estimated prevalence rises to 53.7/100,000 population.


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@article{Kissig1986IncidenceAD, title={[Incidence and distribution of multiple sclerosis in Halle District].}, author={Brunhilde Kissig and Rob Munnig Schmidt and G Kuppe and Volker Neumann}, journal={Der Nervenarzt}, year={1986}, volume={57 10}, pages={579-82} }