Incidence and correlates of incontinence in stroke patients.

  title={Incidence and correlates of incontinence in stroke patients.},
  author={John Brocklehurst and Kevin Andrews and Brent Richards and P J Laycock},
  journal={Journal of the American Geriatrics Society},
  volume={33 8},
The incidence of incontinence in a series of 135 consecutive stroke patients was 51% (urine) and 23% (feces) within one year. In 75% the urinary incontinence started within the first two weeks, and in 41% it had cleared during that time. Incontinence at onset is associated with measures of severity of stroke (and of immobility for fecal incontinence). Among 92 survivors at one year, 15% were incontinent of urine, a proportion that rose in two- and three-year survivors to 23 to 24%, but by four… CONTINUE READING

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