Incest in the 1990s: Reading Anaïs Nin's ‘Father Story’

  title={Incest in the 1990s: Reading Ana{\"i}s Nin's ‘Father Story’},
  author={Ruth Charnock},
  journal={Life Writing},
  pages={55 - 68}
In the summer of 1933, diarist, author and critic Anaïs Nin joined her father for a short vacation in France. Nin wrote about the trip in her diary afterwards, referring to it as the ‘Father Story.’ In the story, she details how, aged 30, she embarked upon an affair with her father that would last for several months. Rather than displaying the signs of trauma that we have come to expect from the incest narrative such as dissociation, blame and recrimination, the ‘Father Story’ is more ambiguous… 
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Children raised in families with stepmothers are likely to have less health care, less education and less money spent on their food than children raised by their biological mothers, three studies by

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