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Incentivizing the Reduction of Pollution at Dairies: How to Address Additionality When Multiple Environmental Credit Payments Are Combined

  title={Incentivizing the Reduction of Pollution at Dairies: How to Address Additionality When Multiple Environmental Credit Payments Are Combined},
  author={Brian C. Murray and Tibor Vegh},
Introduction 2 Waste Management in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations 2 Anaerobic Digestion 5 Adoption Economics 7 Discussion of Key Policy Questions 13 References 15 SUMMARY Anaerobic digesters (ADs) can reduce waste volumes and capture methane emissions from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), but their adoption rate is low because their cost is high relative to other forms of waste management. Farmers who use ADs can attempt to sell carbon credits and nutrient credits as well… 

Near-Term Pathways for Achieving Forest and Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in the U.S.

U.S. forests and agriculture present unique opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. U.S. forests currently remove a large amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year and

Ecosystem Service Concepts in Practice

Les économistes ont longtemps pensé que les services offerts par la nature avaient une valeur économique intrinsèque. Ces dernières années, les écologistes, d’autres scientifiques et plusieurs



Farm-based anaerobic digesters as an energy and odor control technology: Background and policy issues

This report summarizes the existing literature and analytical perspectives on farm-based digesters, highlights major efforts in the United States and Europe to expand digester usage, and discusses

Current Strategies for Dairy Waste Management: A Review

Dairy waste can be effectively treated either with aerobic or anaerobic processes, which consist of low yield, high kinetics, pathogen free product, and high temperature operation whereas the latter is a simple, low budget and conservative technology.

Components of dairy manure management systems.

Manure solids combined with wastes from other sources may have potential if a marketable product can be produced or if sufficient subsidy is received for processing supplementary wastes, and solutions to odor problems are needed.

An Overview of Various Technologies for the Treatment of Dairy Wastewaters

The various recent advancements in the treatment of dairy wastewater have been discussed and the areas where further research is needed have been identified.

Double-dipping in environmental markets

Study of Characteristics and Treatments of Dairy Industry Waste Water

Milk has important place in human life. The dairy industry involves processing of raw milk into products like consumer milk, butter, cheese etc. The quantity of water required in a milk processing

Thermophilic bioremediation strategies for a dairy waste

Markets and the Environment

"Markets and the Environment" is a concise yet comprehensive introduction to a topic of central importance in understanding a wide range of environmental issues and policy approaches. It offers a