Incapacitation of fibrosarcoma cell by polyclonally activated murine T cell.


A piece of lymph node containing polyclonally-activated lymphocytes when transplanted in the anterior eye chamber of mouse along with solid piece of fibrosarcoma from syngeneic Swiss mice, dramatically inhibited the tumour-induced-vasodilatation and neo-vascularization. If the tumour explants were incubated in vitro with activated lymphocytes prior to transplantation, such angiogenic reactions was significantly reduced. These explants were incapable of incorporating radioactive thymidine in vitro. Furthermore, the cytotoxic ability of activated lymphocytes towards 51Cr labelled tumour target cells was of significant level indicating the possible mechanism of immunological reactiveness of Con A-stimulated lymphocytes to 3'-methylcholanthrene-induced tumour cells of syngeneic origin.

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@article{Maitra1990IncapacitationOF, title={Incapacitation of fibrosarcoma cell by polyclonally activated murine T cell.}, author={Utsav Maitra and Ashim Kumar Chakravarty}, journal={Indian journal of experimental biology}, year={1990}, volume={28 4}, pages={308-15} }