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MF-$0.1/2 HC-$3.29 Community Resources; Interagency Cooperation; *Rehabilitation; *Rehabilitation Counseling; *Rehabilitation Programs; nural Population; Service Occupations; Staff Utilization; *Systems Approach; *Vocational Rehabilitation Rehabilitation as a delivery system emphasizes a planned sequence of services which are usually purchased by the State Agency counselor tiom rehabilitation resources. Examples of these resources are physicians, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, workshops, and educational programs. Most viable approaches to rural rehabilitation service delivery are limited by the assumption that the rehabilitation program is dependent upon the availability of traditional resources and employment outcome. The current trend in social service toward viewing people as total individuals with "tot l life" functioning and delivery systems from a total systemic view offers future clients hope for "total rehAbilitation" as an outcome. For example, some agencies presently attempt to overcome the resource and distance obstacles through a greater emphasis on inter-agency coordination, alternate staffing patterns, and greater utilization of client and non-traditional community resources than is generally found in urban service delivery. These emphases are discussed in more detail. (Author/TA) C;) C=I UNC VIII \1\ sttuttmuzze university of northern colorodo greeley, colorodo Regional Rehabilitation research institute U.S. DEPAETMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION & WELFARE OFFICE OF EDUCATION THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN REPRO. DUCED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED FPOM THE PERSON OR ORGANIZATION C RIG. INATING IT POINTS OF VIEW OR OPINIONS STATED DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT OFFILAAL OFFICE OF EDU-CATION.POSITION OR POLICY. SOME VIABLE SERVICE DELIVERY APPROACHES IN RURAL REHABILITATION

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