Inapproximability of the Tutte polynomial

  title={Inapproximability of the Tutte polynomial},
  author={L. Goldberg and M. Jerrum},
  journal={Inf. Comput.},
  • L. Goldberg, M. Jerrum
  • Published 2008
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Inf. Comput.
  • The Tutte polynomial of a graph G is a two-variable polynomial T(G;x,y) that encodes many interesting properties of the graph. We study the complexity of the following problem, for rationals x and y: take as input a graph G, and output a value which is a good approximation to T(G;x,y). Jaeger et al. have completely mapped the complexity of exactly computing the Tutte polynomial. They have shown that this is #P-hard, except along the hyperbola (x-1)(y-1)=1 and at four special points. We are… CONTINUE READING
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