Inappropriate use of oral terbinafine in family practice


Objective: To review whether oral terbinafine, used for fungal nail infections, is prescribed appropriately by general practitioners Method: Cross‐sectional survey of forty volunteer practices. Prescribing systems were searched to identify patients who had been prescribed a course of oral terbinafine during 1998. The clinical records of five such patients in each practice were examined for additional information regarding appropriate diagnostic tests.Results: Five hundred sixty‐nine patients (0.25% of the population aged 12 and over) were reported to have received a course of oral terbinafine. Sixty‐four percent had been treated empirically without any recorded diagnostic test.Conclusion: Treatment of onychomycosis with terbinafine is commonly undertaken without diagnostic confirmation. This empirical treatment does not comply with locally recommended good practice.

DOI: 10.1023/A:1022426309340

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