Inactivation of a Human Kinetochore by Specific Targeting of Chromatin Modifiers

  title={Inactivation of a Human Kinetochore by Specific Targeting of Chromatin Modifiers},
  author={Megumi Nakano and Stefano Cardinale and V. N. Noskov and Reto Gassmann and Paola Vagnarelli and Stefanie Kandels-Lewis and Vladimir L. Larionov and William C Earnshaw and Hiroshi Masumoto},
  booktitle={Developmental cell},
We have used a human artificial chromosome (HAC) to manipulate the epigenetic state of chromatin within an active kinetochore. The HAC has a dimeric alpha-satellite repeat containing one natural monomer with a CENP-B binding site, and one completely artificial synthetic monomer with the CENP-B box replaced by a tetracycline operator (tetO). This HAC exhibits normal kinetochore protein composition and mitotic stability. Targeting of several tet-repressor (tetR) fusions into the centromere had no… CONTINUE READING


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