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Inactivation of Important Viral Contaminants in All Blood Components

  title={Inactivation of Important Viral Contaminants in All Blood Components},
  author={D. Hanson and K. Dupuis and D. Arnold and M. Wilson and L. Sawyer},
Plasma (~600 mL), platelet components (2.5 – 6.0 x10 11 platelets in ~300 mL of 35% plasma/65% InterSol TM ) and RBC components (~280 mL in AS-5) were inoculated with HIV, bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV, model for HCV) or duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV, model for HBV) to a titer of approximately 5-6 log/mL when possible. The HIV inoculum consisted of chronically infected H-9 cells, BVDV and DHBV were inoculated as cell-free virus. Platelet and plasma units were treated with the commercial IBS… Expand
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