Inactivation of Hemoglobin by Hydrogen Peroxide and Protection by a Reductant Substrate

  title={Inactivation of Hemoglobin by Hydrogen Peroxide and Protection by a Reductant Substrate},
  author={De-Jia Li and Xu Zhang and Yue Loni and Ximeng Sunz},
Inactivation and degradation of hemoglobin were examined in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and guaiacol. Hemoglobin is inactivated upon exposure to hydrogen peroxide. The inactivation and degradation of hemoglobin are two correlated processes. The presence of reducing substrate in addition to hydrogen peroxide partly or completely protected the hemoglobin from inactivation. A reaction mechanism is proposed, in which two competitive routes exist for Compound II of hemoglobin; one catalytic… CONTINUE READING

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