Inactivation of Gating Currents of L-Type Calcium Channels

  title={Inactivation of Gating Currents of L-Type Calcium Channels  },
  author={Roman O Shirokov and Gonzalo Ferreira and Jianxun Yi and Eduardo R{\'i}os},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={807 - 823}
In studies of gating currents of rabbit cardiac Ca channels expressed as alpha 1C/beta 2a or alpha 1C/beta 2a/alpha 2 delta subunit combinations in tsA201 cells, we found that long-lasting depolarization shifted the distribution of mobile charge to very negative potentials. The phenomenon has been termed charge interconversion in native skeletal muscle (Brum, G., and E. Ríos. 1987. J. Physiol. (Camb.). 387:489-517) and cardiac Ca channels (Shirokov, R., R. Levis, N. Shirokova, and E. Ríos. 1992… CONTINUE READING