Inactivation of Ascaris suum by short-chain fatty acids.


Ascaris suum eggs were inactivated in distilled water and digested sludge by butanoic, pentanoic, and hexanoic acids. The fatty acids (short-chain fatty acids [SCFA]) were effective only when protonated and at sufficient concentrations. The conjugate bases were not effective at the concentrations evaluated. Predictions from an inhibition model (50… (More)
DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01675-10


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@article{Butkus2011InactivationOA, title={Inactivation of Ascaris suum by short-chain fatty acids.}, author={Michael A. Butkus and Kelly T Hughes and Dwight Douglas Bowman and Janice L. Liotta and Michael B. Jenkins and Michael P. Labare}, journal={Applied and environmental microbiology}, year={2011}, volume={77 1}, pages={363-6} }