InP HBT Integrated Circuit Technology for Terahertz Frequencies

  title={InP HBT Integrated Circuit Technology for Terahertz Frequencies},
  author={Miguel Urteaga and Min-Woo Seo and Jonathan Hacker and Zach Griffith and A. Young and Richard Pierson and Petra Rowell and Anders Skalare and M. J. W. Rodwell},
  journal={2010 IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium (CSICS)},
We report on the development of an InP DHBT integrated circuit technology for applications at the lower range of the THz frequency band (0.3-3 THz) 0.25um HBTs demonstrate an extrapolated fmax of >800GHz while maintaining a common-emitter breakdown voltage of >4V. The transistors have been integrated a full IC process that includes three-levels of interconnects, backside wafer thinning to 50um with a through-wafer via process, and a backside etch singulation process that allows for the… CONTINUE READING
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