InP-Based Type-II Quantum-Well Lasers and LEDs

  title={InP-Based Type-II Quantum-Well Lasers and LEDs},
  author={Stephan Sprengel and Christian Grasse and Peter Wiecha and Alexander Andrejew and Tobias Gruendl and Gerhard B{\"o}hm and Ralf Meyer and M. C. Amann},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics},
Type-II InP-based light sources provide a promising concept for mid-infrared lasers. These have recently made huge progress, as the first electrically and optically pumped lasers could be demonstrated beyond the wavelength limit for type-I InP-based lasers (~2.3 μm). In this paper, we introduce the material system and device concepts, and report the latest achievements, such as electrically pumped lasing operation up to a wavelength of 2.6 μm in pulsed mode, continuous-wave resonant-cavity… CONTINUE READING