InAlAs/InGaAs Interband Tunnel Diodes for SRAM


The dependence of doping and alloy composition in InGaAs/InAlAs double-quantum-well resonant interband tunnel diodes (TDs) for static random access memory (SRAM) applications is explored. The peak current density is shown to vary by 5 orders of magnitude as the effective doping density is varied by a factor of 5. The reasons for this dependence are… (More)


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@article{Sutar2010InAlAsInGaAsIT, title={InAlAs/InGaAs Interband Tunnel Diodes for SRAM}, author={Surajit Sutar and Qin Zhang and Alan Seabaugh}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices}, year={2010}, volume={57}, pages={2587-2593} }