In vivo tumor targeting and spectroscopic detection with surface-enhanced Raman nanoparticle tags

  title={In vivo tumor targeting and spectroscopic detection with surface-enhanced Raman nanoparticle tags},
  author={Ximei Qian and Xianghong Peng and D. Ansari and Q. Yin-Goen and G. Chen and D. Shin and L. Yang and A. Young and M. Wang and S. Nie},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
  • Ximei Qian, Xianghong Peng, +7 authors S. Nie
  • Published 2008
  • Medicine
  • Nature Biotechnology
  • We describe biocompatible and nontoxic nanoparticles for in vivo tumor targeting and detection based on pegylated gold nanoparticles and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). Colloidal gold has been safely used to treat rheumatoid arthritis for 50 years, and has recently been found to amplify the efficiency of Raman scattering by 14–15 orders of magnitude. Here we show that large optical enhancements can be achieved under in vivo conditions for tumor detection in live animals. An important… CONTINUE READING
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