In vivo significance of the G2 restriction point.

  title={In vivo significance of the G2 restriction point.},
  author={F. Foijer and Elly Delzenne-Goette and M. Dekker and H. te Riele},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={67 19},
  • F. Foijer, Elly Delzenne-Goette, +1 author H. te Riele
  • Published 2007
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Cancer research
  • Loss of activity of the retinoblastoma pathway is a common event in human cancer. Mouse models have revealed that tumorigenesis by loss of Rb was accelerated by concomitant loss of the cell cycle inhibitor p27KIP1. This has been attributed to reduced apoptosis and weakening of the G1 checkpoint. However, the role of p27KIP1 in a recently identified G2 restriction point may offer an alternative explanation for this synergy. Here, we have investigated the significance of the G2 restriction point… CONTINUE READING
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